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This page lists the prices of hotels in Ponta Negra.
These are actual prices (we obtained these prices by calling each one of the hotels), which may differ from the prices listed on the websites or published elsewhere.

Although we do our best to quote actual prices, we can not and do not guarantee accuracy of the prices quoted below.

Of course, prices may vary depending on many factors, such as availability of rooms, enpowerment of the person who answers the phone, etc. This price list gives just a rough orientation about relative prices.

Survey 1. We called the hotels in April 2006 (the low season), asking for prices of a room for a couple with no kids. We spoke in Portuguese.
Survey 2. We called the hotels in January 2007 (high season), asking for prices of a room for a couple with no kids. We spoke in Portuguese.

When rooms had different prices (e.g., rooms with or without sea view), we asked for the lowest price, for rooms with air conditioner and breakfast included.
We didn't ask for discounts.
Fields without prices mean that we could not contact the hotel.

Hotels with a link were visited personally by us.

HOTEL Survey 1 Survey 2
Aconchego Brasileiro R$ 60
Aconchego Tropical R$ 50
Alimar R$ 96 R$ 120
Amazonas Acre R$ 50 R$ 100
America do Sol R$ 85 R$ 110
Antibes R$
Apart Hotel Primo R$ 100 R$ 120
Apart Ponta Negra R$
Aquamarina R$ 90 R$ 130
Araçá Flat R$ 150 R$ 250
Aral R$ 70 R$ 100
Areia de Ouro R$ 130 R$ 280
Atol das Rocas R$ 99
Azzurra R$ 100 R$ 160
Bamboo Flat R$
Banana R$ 80 R$ 160
Bela Vista R$ 100 R$ 120
Bello Mare R$ 140 R$ 176
Belo Horizonte R$ 75 R$ 149
Bem Te Vi R$
Blue Marlin R$ 200 R$ 308
Cabanas Apart Hotel R$ 75 R$ 160
Casarão da Vila closed
Castanheira R$ 120 R$ 159
Centro de Treinamento R$
Chalet Suisse R$ 100 R$ 130
Chalé Tropical R$ 60
Corais do Atlântico R$ 70 R$ 120
Corais de Ponta Negra R$ 80 R$ 95
Costa do Atlântico R$ 166 R$ 180
Costeira Praia R$
D Beach Resort R$ 450 R$ 296
Divi Divi R$ 140 R$ 220
Dunnas Park R$ 80 R$ 80
Enseada de Ponta Negra R$ 68 R$ 100
Enseada Praia R$ 132 R$ 165
Esmeralda R$ 150 R$ 264
Free Willy R$ 100 R$ 130
Granada Flat R$ 100 R$ 138
Hotel do Sol R$
Ingá Praia Hotel R$ 91 R$ 110
Intermarinas R$ R$ 80
La Luna R$ 100 R$ 100
Laina's Place R$ 70
Lilly Jo R$ 60
Litoral Sul Apart Hotel R$ 55
Lua Cheia Hostel R$ 70 R$ 90
Manary R$ 299 R$ 496
Manga Rosa R$ 90
Marambaia R$ 121 R$ 165
Mar Azul R$
Mare Blu R$ 88
Maresias R$ 65 R$ 120
Maria Bonita R$ 80 R$ 90
Maritima R$ 200 R$ 180
Morro do Careca R$ 60 R$ 70
Natal Dunnas R$ 100 R$ 150
Natal Praia R$ 134 R$ 100
Natal Quality Suites R$ 198 R$ 296
Nautilus R$ 85 R$ 85
O Tempo e o Vento R$ 130 R$ 160
Olimpo R$ 148
Panorama R$ 80 R$ 110
Picasso Flat R$
Ponta Negra R$ 95 R$ 160
Ponta Negra Mall R$
Pousada do Sol R$ 150
Portal do Sol R$
Pousada da Terra R$ 125 R$ 125
Pousada das Flores Inn R$ 130 R$ 209
Pousada do Alemão R$ 100 R$ 120
Pousada Express R$ 50 R$ 60
Pousada Maravista R$
Pousada Maritimus R$
Pousada Morro do Careca R$ 70 R$ 80
Pousada SESC R$ 50 R$ 55
Pousada Sul Mare R$ R$ 55
Praia Azul R$ 270 R$ 275
Praia de Ponta Negra R$
Praiamar R$ 187 R$ 202
República do Sol R$
Residencial Vespucci R$
Rifoles R$ 300
Rosa Náutica R$ 90 R$ 150
Safari R$ 80 R$ 180
Sezimbra Village R$ 80 R$ 100
Solar Tropical R$ 60 R$ 100
Soleil R$ 170 R$ 335
Tubarão R$ 70 R$ 115
Turispraia R$ 58
Venezia Flat R$ 50 R$ 80
Verdes Mares R$
Vip Flat R$ 132 R$ 295
Vista Mar R$
Visual R$ 297 R$ 418

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