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This page brings information about restaurants serving Brazilian food.
Notice that we created a page to write specifically about the regional food of Natal and the Northeastern States; this page can be found here. This separation was made because, for our Brazilian readers, it is convenient to have a way to access directly the regional restaurants, which are very popular.

Read these comments about Natal regional food and other Brazilian food.

Brazilian restaurants in Natal

Rota do Sol, 2316
Ponta Negra - Phone 3219-4081
All you can eat, churrasco. The best of this kind in Natal.
Prices in Dec 2003 were about R$29 per adult and R$15 per child up to 10 years old; drinks and deserts are not included. Price includes a help-yourself buffet with a good selection of salads and vegetables, and good churrasco.
Update 2006. We visited Tererê in 2006 and took some photos. Read our review about Tererê.

»Churrascaria Pantanal
Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 8353
Decoration is a little rustic, but the quality is OK, and prices are hard to beat: if you want to include picanha, price is R$17 per person (January 2005); if you can do without picanha, price is R$12 per person (children up to 10 pay half price). Given the large variety of choices, one shouldn´t miss the picanha.
We visited this place; read our report about restaurant Pantanal.

»Picanha Bar & Cia
Av. Praia de Ponta Negra, 8876 - near Praia Shopping
Specialty is picanha. They serve also cheaper executive meals during the week days.
Good, not expensive place. A meal for a small family (2+2), including drinks (beer and cokes) goes for about R$ 50.
The owner seems to be an appreciator of picanha himself. The meat is prepared in skews; the meat is slice on your table, then returns to the fire (keepts it warm); you can either choose a pre-selected set of garnishments (rice, beans, french fries, onion) or orther each one separately.

»Bari Palesi
Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 2963
Best feijoada in town.
Capim Macio (across the street from shopping center Cidade Jardim)
Feijoada everyday. Pay a fixed price (around US$5) and eat as much as you can. The pieces (beans, sausage, ears, etc) are in different pots, you take only what you like.
See photos and more info about Bari Palesi.

»Manary Restaurant
Located inside the Manary Hotel.
The feijoada is advertised as specialty, but didn't impress us much. There seem to be good options of fish and seafood, though.
Read our review of Manary Restaurant (soon).

»Mina D'Água.
Restaurante Mineiro: a restaurant serving food from the State of Minas Gerais.
Natal has very few mineiro restaurants; but even if there were many more, it would be difficult to beat this one.
Read our report of Restaurante Mina D'Água.

»Moqueca Capixaba
Av. Governador Silvio Pedrosa, 266
Areia Preta
A board outside says they have 42 different sea-food options. The name means "moqueca from the state of Espirito Santo", which is prepared with different condiments than the original version from Bahia.

»Dunas Shopping.
This is a shopping center in Ponta Negra, a bit distant of the tourist path; this means that food here is much cheaper. Read our report about the restaurants in the Dunas Shopping.

Av. Sen. Salgado Filho, 1773
Lagoa Nova - Phone 206 - 6266
This restaurant is inside Hotel Residence, open to the public.
Although they advertise themselves as sea food restaurant, they have a varied international cuisine. Of particular interest is the feijoada on Saturdays.

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