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Restaurant Bari Palesi.
Address: Av. Roberto Freire, 2963. Phone: 32176271.
Bari Palesi is nearly in front of Cidade Jardim Shopping, and about 200 meters from the Nordestão and Hiperbompreço supermarkets. From Ponta Negra, take buses 46, 54 or 66; it is about 4 km distant from Praia Shopping.

As the Italian name suggests, Bari Palesi serves some Italian dishes, but it is especially recommended for the feijoada.
The restaurant serves a buffet of feijoada from Tuesday to Sunday, for lunch only (from 11:30 am to 3 pm). The restaurant remains open to serve other dishes, and is also a popular meeting point for beer and chope at evenings.
In April 2006, price was R$ 13.40 per person.

Below, some photos of Bari Palesi.

bar palesi restaurant Natal feijoada pieces

Bari Palesi has two saloons, with and without air conditioning. On weekends, the climatized saloon may get full. The staff do not speak English. There are small wooden signs indicating the content of each pot.

feijoada clay pots black beans collard

Each piece of feijoada (black beans, rice, sausage, jerked beef, ears, foot, etc) is in a different clay pot, maintained warm by a rechaud.
There are several other places in Natal which serve feijoada, but usually it comes all mixed up in a pot; Palesi's system is much better. Hotels in Via Costeira also offer feijoada in buffet service, but at a much higher price.
Customers help themselves, as many times as they like.

feijoada feijoada and orange

Some garnishments are de rigueur with feijoada, such as a caipirinha shot, collard and slices of orange. Collard and orange have plenty of fibers, which happen in the digestion of feijoada; notice that the orange is eaten with the feijoada, not after it.

Feijoada is heavy; it takes some time for the metabolism to digest it. Feijoada is good after you return from a beach trip, but not good if you are going to take any physical activity in the afternoon.

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