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Em Português: Restaurantes em Natal.

Even with the current expansion of the market boosted by the growing influx of tourists, Natal still don't have the gastronomical variety of the big cities; unlike London, New York or even Sao Paulo, you can't find a restaurant of just any nationality; to name a few, there is no register of Indonesian, Cuban, Hungarian, Swiss restaurants in Natal.
However, even the more demanding gourmet may have a memorable experience in Natal.

carne de sol Because of the proximity with the sea, it's natural that many restaurants specialize in fish and sea food; the regional Natal cuisine (see photo) makes use of several local ingredients to create some of the most appreciated regional meals of Brazil; the immigrants brought their culinary first to the southern places where they settled, but today there are Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, etc restaurants everywhere in Brazil; likewise, the internal migrational movements spreaded the several regional cuisines all around the country, bringing to Natal some restaurants from Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Amazon and other Brazilian regions.

Below, some useful info about food, restaurants and other related matters, as well as a guide of restaurants in Natal sorted by specialties.


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You should drink plenty of liquid while in Natal; the hot sunny weather will dehydrate you, even without you noticing it. Doctors recommend around 2 litres per day; notice that alcoholic drinks dehydrate your body; drink moderately.
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