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Pipa is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil. Surveys conducted by specialized magazines invariably include Pipa as one of the best beaches in Brazil.

Em PortuguÍs: Turismo em Pipa.

Praia do Amor - Beach Love
View of Praia do Amor (Beach Love).
Notice the heart-shaped beach,
which gave name to the place

Pipa is situated in the southern end of the coast of the State of Rio Grande do Norte. By highway BR-101, the distance from Natal is about 90 km; driving all the way along the beach (which is possible only by buggy or a 4WD vehicle), the distance is about 50 km.

It is possible to stay in a hotel in Natal and take a day-trip to Pipa; several travel operators offer short trips to Pipa, which may be in buggies or in vans.
See information about how to go from Natal to Pipa.

However, most people find that one or two days are not enough to enjoy all that Pipa has to offer, and decide for a more prolongued stay; actually, many foreigners decide to open a business and stay for good in Pipa.
Pipa has many options of accomodation, from small inns to sophisticated hotels. During the high season, booking in advance is recommended.
See this list of hotels in Pipa.
See also the hotels in Tibau do Sul; these hotels are in the beaches in the neighbourhood of Pipa.

If Pipa has less hotels than Natal, it is a little surprising that, when it comes to restaurants, Pipa not only rivals but, one can say, overcomes Natal in quantity and quality. Read more about eating out in Pipa and check out this list of restaurants in Pipa.

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