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Below, a list of hotels and inns (pousadas) in Pipa. When available, a link to the website is provided.

Prices: see this survey with the prices of hotels in Pipa.

Em Português: Hoteis e Pousadas em Pipa.

Pousada Alto da Pipa. "Heights of Pipa".
Address: Rua da Gameleira, 555
Phone: 3246-2281

Aquarela do Brasil. "Aquarela of Brazil".
Address: Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul, 151
Phone: 3246-2279

Dorisol Ocean View Pipa.
Operated by European hotels chain Dorisol.
Opened in 2006, this is the largest hotel in Pipa.
Address: Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos, 119
Phone: 3246-2250

Berro do Jeguy. "Cry of the Mule".
Address: Rua das Pedrinhas S/N
Phone: 3502-2313

Pipa Bicho Preguiça. "Pipa Sloth".
Address: the address listed at the website is a PO Box: Caixa Postal 22 - Goianinha - RN
Phone: 3246-2128

Brasil Tropical Village.
English name, website written in Italian.
Address: Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul, 251
Phone: 3246-2678

Pousada Cabo Verde. "Cape Green Inn".
Address: Rua da Albacora, S/N
Phone: 3246-2272

Pipa CasaBlanca.
The name Casa Blanca is the Spanish for White House; in Portuguese, it is spelt Casa Branca. The hotel, however, like many others in Brazil, was named after the city in Marrocos, where the movie Casablanca with Humphrey Boggart and Ingrid Bergman supposedly takes place.
Address: Rua da Praia S/N
Phone: 3502-2331

Pipa Beach Hotel.
Address: Rua da Gameleira
Phone: 3246-2046

Pousada da Barbara. "Barbara's Inn".
Address: Largo São Sebastião, 02. Only 20 meters from the beach.
Phone: 3246-2351

Hotel da Pipa. "Hotel of Pipa".
Address: Rua Praia do Amor, 50
Phone: 3246-2331

Pousada da Vovó. "Grandma's Inn".
Address: Rua Gameleira, S/N
Phone: 3246-2403

Pousada das Canoas. "Inn of the Canoes".
Address: Rua dos Pássaros, 5
Phone: 3246-2436

Pousada Landuá (no website).
Address : Rua Largo de São Sebastião, 42
Phone: 3246-2309

Pousada dos Girassóis. "Sunflowers Inn".
The website describes the inn as "a luxury condo", with rooms, chalets and houses for rent.
Address: Rua Praia do Amor n° 3
Phone: 3246 2062

Spa da Alma. "Spa of the Soul".
Address: Rua do Spa, 9
Phone: 3246-2357

Pousada Jardim da Lua. "Garden of the Moon Inn".
Address: we looked all around the website, but couldn't find the address. Visit the site or try to contact via phone; the prices seem to be very competitive.
Phone: 3246-2458

Encantos da Lua. "Moon Spells".
Address : Rua do Sol, 02
Phone: 3246-2580

Pousada Barracuda. No website.
Address: Rua Albacora, 1012
Phone: 3246-2298

Pousada Gameleira. "Gameleira Inn".
Gameleira is the name of a kind of tree easily found along the coast of Rio Grande do Norte.
Address: Rua da Gameleira, 33
Phone: 3246-2296

Imperio do Sol. "Empire of the Sun".
Address: Rua Império do Sol, 100
Phone: 3246.2381

Pousada Magia da Terra. "Magic of (Our) Land Inn".
Address: Rua do Pescador, S/N
Phone: 3246-2266

Pousada Marajoara (no website).
Address : Avenida Baia dos Golfinhos, 337
Phone: 3246-2270

Pousada Maria Joana (no website).
Address : Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos, 1276
Phone: 3246-2101

Pousada Marlins. "Marlin Inn".
Address: Rua Beija-Flor, S/N
Phone: 3246-2219

Pousada Maturi (no website).
Address : Rua da Albacora, 459.
Phone: 3246-2740

Mirante da Pipa. "Pipa View Point".
Address : Rua do Mirante, 1
Phone: 3246-2055

Morada dos Ventos. "Home of the Winds".
Address : Rua Dos Colibris, 3
Phone: 3246-2284

Pousada Oásis (no website).
Address : Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos, 672
Phone: 3246-2330

Paraiso Hotel. "Paradise Hotel".
Address : Rua Dr. Hélio Galvão, 345
Phone: 3246-4338

Pousada Pé na Areia. "Feet on the Sand Inn".
Address : Rua das Graúnas, 20
Phone: 3246-2207

Pipa Beach House.
Suites and chalets. Reasonable prices. Talked to the owner, Antonio, very nice person.
Address: Rua Albacora, 46
Phone: 3246-2607

Pipa Resort.
Address : Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos, S/N
Phone: 3246-2565

Pomar da Pipa (no website).
Address : Rua da Mata, S/N
Phone: 3246-2256

Porto do Sol (no website).
Address : Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos, S/N
Phone: 3246-2010

Pousada Praiana (no website).
Address : Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos, 708
Phone: 3246-2268

Rano Kau (no website).
Address : Rua Cajarana , 89
Phone: 3246-2705

Recanto das Flores (no webiste).
Address : Rua do Cruzeiro, 13
Phone: 3246-2560

Riva's Dream.
Address : Rua das Araras, 98
Phone: 3246-2111

Solar Atlantico.
Address : Avenida Antônio Florêncio
Phone: 3246-4040

Sombra e Água Fresca.
The name means literally "shadow and fresh water". It is a Brazilian expression to refer to a place where you can take a tranquil rest: you need nothing but a shadow and fresh water.
Another site made entirely in Flash. Lots of images, little information.
Address : Rua Praia do Amor, 801
Phone: 3246-2258

Pousada Tartaruga ("Turtle Inn"). No website.
Address : Rua da Mata, 321
Phone: 3246-2255

Toca da Coruja. "Home of the Owl".
This inn is listed in Roteiro do Charme (Tour of Charm), a selection of hotels in Brazil which feature something (not necessarily luxury) which makes them stand out from the rest.
Address : Avenida Baia dos Golfinhos S/N
Phone: 3246-2226

Pousada dos Pássaros. "Inn of Birds".
Address: Largo de São Sebastião, 46
Phone: 3246-2230

Varandas Mar de Pipa. "Verandahs Sea of Pipa".
Large condo. Fully equiped houses.
Address : Rua da Mata, 06
Phone: 3246-2406

Village Natureza. "Nature Village".
Two large resorts, one in Pipa and another in nearby Cacimbinhas.
Address : Avenida Antônio Florencio, 3647
Phone: 3246-4200

Pousada Xamã.
Address : Rua do Cajueiro, 12
Phone: 3246-2267

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