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This page lists the prices of hotels in Pipa and neighborhood.
These are actual prices (we obtained the prices by contacting the hotels directly), which may differ from prices published in websites or advertised by tour operators.

Although we do our best to quote actual prices, we can not and do not guarantee accuracy of the prices quoted below. Notice, also, that hotels have no obligation whatsoever to comply with these prices.

Survey 1. We called the hotels in January of 2007 (high season), asking for a quotation for a couple with no kids. We spoke in Portuguese.
When rooms had different prices (e.g., rooms with or without sea view), we asked for the lowest price, for rooms with air conditioner and breakfast included.
We didn't ask for discounts.
Fields without prices mean that we could not contact the hotel.

HOTEL Survey 1
Pousada Alto da Pipa R$ 120
Aquarela do Brasil R$ 150
Dorisol R$ 286
Berro do Jeguy R$ 264
Bicho Preguiça R$ 220
Brasil Tropical Village R$ 190
Pousada Cabo Verde R$ 80
Pipa CasaBlanca R$ 210
Pipa Beach Hotel R$ 120
Pousada da Bárbara R$
Hotel da Pipa R$ 231
Pousada da Vovó R$ 90
Pousada das Canoas R$ 165
Pousada Landuá R$ 75
Pousada dos Girassóis R$ 220
Spa da Alma R$ 220
Pousada Jardim da Lua R$ 55
Encantos da Lua R$ 80
Pousada Barracuda R$ 100
Pousada Gameleira R$ 70
Império do Sol R$ 200
Pousada Magia da Terra R$ 160
Pousada Marajoara R$ 120
Pousada Maria Joana R$ 160
Pousada Marlins R$ 110
Pousada Maturi R$ 70
Mirante da Pipa R$ 176
Morada dos Ventos R$ 100
Pousada Oásis R$ 150
Paraiso Hotel R$ 304
Pousada Pé na Areia R$ 80
Pipa Beach House R$ 65
Pipa Ocean View R$
Pipa Resort Atlântico R$ 200
Pomar da Pipa R$ 65
Porto do Sol R$ 145
Pousada Praiana R$ 80
Rano Kau R$ 99
Recanto das Flores R$
Riva's Dream R$ 120
Solar Atlântico R$ 180
Sombra e Água Fresca R$ 418
Pousada Tartaruga R$
Toca da Coruja R$ 406
Pousada dos Pássaros R$ 156
Varandas Mar de Pipa R$ 222
Village Natureza R$ 290
Pousada Xamã R$ 100

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