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Below, a list of hotels and inns (pousadas) in Tibau do Sul.

Cavalo do Mar. "Horse of the Sea".
Telling by the website, the management in French.
Address: Av. Antônio Florêncio, 1038
Tibau do Sul.
Phone: 3246-4169

Kilombo Villas.
Kilombos is a variation of Quilombos. Quilombos is the name given to the communities created by fugitive slaves back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some quilombos grew considerably large; the biggest of all was Quilombo dos Palmares, located where today is the State of Alagoas.
In the State of Rio Grande do Norte, where there were not as many slaves, there is no register of large quilombos. Instead, there are the quilombolas, which mean "small quilombos". There are still a few quilombolas struggling to survive until this date; some quilombolas in Sibaúma gained notoriety recently, because the little heritage they still have are being threatened by realtors. Read a note about this matter published in August 2006.
This hotel, of course, has nothing to do with quilombos or quilombolas. I had no patience to get past the first page (LOADs of flash), but it seems that the hotel has a good infrastructure, including a swimming pool by the sea.
Address: Rua das Tartarugas, s/n.
Phone: 3246-5534

Ponta do Madeiro.
Address : Rota do Sol - Km 3
Praia do Madeiro
Phone: 3502-2377

Tibau Lagoa. "Tibau Lagoon".
The hotel is by the Lagoa Guaraíras, hence the name.
Address : Avenida Guaraíras, 899
Phone: 3246-4255

Hotel Marinas.
One of the largest hotels in the region. Offers other services, such as horse riding and boat trips.
Address: Rua da Praia, S/N
Phone: 3221-5548

Hotel Bangalo ("Bungalow Hotel"). No website.
Av. Antônio Pedro, Km 1,6
Tibau do Sul
Phone: 3246 - 4004

Hotel Guarairas. No website.
Rua Governador Aloísio Alves, 81
Tibau do Sul
Phone: 3246 - 4014

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