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Barreira Roxa Hotel

Barreira Roxa Hotel

Website: http://www.barreiraroxa.com.br/

Av. Senador Dinarte Mariz (Via Costeira), 4020
Parque das Dunas - Natal - Rio Grande do Norte
CEP: 59090-002 - Fone: (0xx84) 3092-4000

Click the image for an enlarged viewing of the
Barreira Roxa Hotel.

Photo taken from the Farol da Me Luza

The name Barreira Roxa means Purple Clay, a reference to the color of the dark soil of the area.
This hotel is situated at the northern end of Via Costeira beach; it is the hotel of Via Costeira closest to Praia do Meio and the Historic Center, and the farthest from Ponta Negra; the hotel closest to it (visible in the image above) is Porto do Mar Hotel.
The hotel has a very good restaurant-school (read more about it below). At a walking distance, there are also restaurants Tabua de Carne and Moqueca Capixaba.
There is a free bus which serves Via Costeira; read more.

This hotel-school belongs to the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Norte. It is used as a training center for hotel staff, including managers, cookers, waiters, maids, etc. Several hotels in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte and Brazilian northeast send their employees to be trained here.

The Government doesn't have the same investment capacity as the private hotels, so, expect instalations to be a little worn out. In turn, this hotel has the lowest prices in Via Costeira; check hotel prices. Also, as this is a school for hotel staff, you may expect good service; the restaurant is particularly recommended (read more below).

Some photos of Barreira Roxa Hotel. Notice: unless otherwise stated, we only take photos of the public areas of hotels.
hotel barreira roxa

Aerial view of the hotel; Barreira Roxa is the white building; next to it, with red roofs, is Porto do Mar Hotel.

Hotel main entrance. Usually, there is a jangada in the gray area, but it was in maintenance.

The rooms with sea view. Notice that there are also rooms without sea view (front to Via Costeira).

hotel barreira roxa

The beach is close, but not suited for bathing (too many rocks).

Two swimming pools, for adults and children.

A small ring for jogging.

restaurant barreira roxa

The restaurant is particularly recommended; non-customers are welcomed.
The restaurant is also a school, so this chef is the one who teached a few other chefs in the city.
The restaurant specializes in shrimp and regional food. Also, on Saturdays, the place gets crowded with people coming for the feijoada.
Quality is good, and prices are lower than other hotels in Via Costeira.

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