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The cleanest urban beaches in Natal

Via Costeira
Via Costeira

Via Costeira is the 10 km highway which goes from Praia dos Artistas to Ponta Negra. Via Costeira was opened in 1983, and the first hotel was opened in 1984.
There are about ten high category hotels on one side, and a nature reserve, Parque das Dunas, on the other; the Park is fenced, and canīt be accessed by Via Costeira.
These beaches are frequented almost exclusively by the guests of the hotels at Via Costeira. The water is clean, the waves are small, making the beaches good for bathing.

Via Costeira
Via Costeira

The Via Costeira is entirely taken by hotels. There are other business only in the extremities, near Praia do Meio and Ponta Negra.

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