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All hotels along Via Costeira are of high standard (four or five stars); prices are usually (but not always) higher than in Ponta Negra.

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The official name is Avenida Dinarte Mariz, but it is universally known as Via Costeira (which means Coastal Way).
Via Costeira is a 12 km long expressway which connects the beaches of Ponta Negra and Praia do Meio; take a look at the map of Natal.
Drive along the Via Costeira and you have by one side, the ocean and the hotels; the other side is almost entirely taken by a protected natural area, the Parque das Dunas (Park of Dunes).

hotels Via Costeira

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Although in a public area, the beaches in front of these hotels are frequented almost exclusively by guests, making those the quietest urban beaches in Natal. Water is absolutely clean, waves are moderated. In fact, even if you are not staying at any hotel of Via Costeira, you may consider spending some time at their beaches and maybe have lunch at their restaurants.
Notice: in some parts of the Via Costeira beach, the waves are stronger. In past years, there were a few cases of drowning in the area, usually involving people who drunk too much.


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The consortium of hotels in Via Costeira maintains a free bus line, which connects the hotels to the major shopping centers in Natal; read more about free buses in Natal.

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