Parque das Dunas

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Parque das Dunas is a legally protected enviroment which occupies an area of 1,172 hectares (1 hectare = 10,000 square meters) in the urban area of Natal; it's the area you see when you drive along Via Costeira; actually, you can see the Parque from almost everywhere in southern Natal.

By visiting the park, one can learn much about the geological formation of dunes and the wild life of Brazilian forests. Check out the website of Park of Dunes; the site brings detailed information, and deserves a careful reading. Check out, forParque das Dunas example, the catalogue of the 269 species of the flora of the Park, and a preliminary list of the animals of the fauna of the Park (including a few new species, discoverd by researchers of the park).

The Park promotes trekkings around the dunes, guided by specialists who explain about the life of the dunes. There are three different trekkings, with different lenghts: 800 m, 2400 m and 4400 m.
Entrance is R$ 1, and participation in the trekkings costs R$ 2. The trekkings start in pre-scheduled hours, and have a limitation on the number of participants; check out before going. Dress light, wear a cover and bring water.

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