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«Prices of Hotels in Natal

Although we do our best to quote actual prices, we can not and do not guarantee accuracy of the prices quoted below.

Below, prices of hotels in Via Costeira.

1) Prices of Survey 1 polled in the second half of March 2006 (low season); we went to every hotel reception and asked for prices of a room for two adults and one young child.
2) Prices of Survey 2 were obtained by phone call in January of 2007 (high season).
3) When two prices are quoted, they refer to prices of apartments with and without sea view (Parque da Costeira has rooms without sea view, but charges the same price as the rooms with sea view). Marsol has three kinds of accomodation: with sea view standard, with sea view and a jacuzzi (the jacuzzi is shared between every two neighbour rooms), and bungalows. Hotels with only one price quoted claim that all rooms have same standards.

Hotel Survey 1 Survey 2
Barreira Roxa R$ 135 / R$ 165 R$ 148 / R$ 196
Blue Tree Park R$ 280 / R$ 306 R$ 258
Imirá R$ 160 / R$ 200 R$ 308 / R$ 352
Marsol R$ 185 / R$ 220 / R$ 260 R$ 260 / R$ 300
Natal Mar R$ 170 / R$ 200 R$ 265 / R$ 318
Ocean Palace R$ 400 / R$ 450 R$ 700 / R$ 850
Parque da Costeira R$ 220 / R$ 220 R$ 387 / R$ 387
Pestana R$ 600 R$ 638
Porto do Mar R$ 150 R$ 150
SERHS R$ 498 R$ 588
Vila do Mar R$ 250 R$ 345

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