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We visited this restaurant. Read our review of Guinza.

Good quality, fair prices (for Japanese cuisine).
Av. Romualdo Galv„o, 2085
Lagoa Nova - Phone 3206-0302

This is the only place in Natal where the sushiman is truly Japanese.
Av. Erivan Franca, 11
Ponta Negra - Phone 3221-4263


»Shao Lin
Av. Praia de Ponta Negra
Ponta Negra - Phone 3219-3473

Chinatown is a chain of Chinese restaurants; there are several of these in other cities.
There is also a Chinatown at Natal Shopping, which offers self service of Chinese food and a la carte orders of Chinese and Japanese (it's the only restaurant at Natal Shopping to serve Japanese food). Fairly priced, good quality, good service.
#1 Av. Prudente de Morais, 1321
Lagoa Seca - Phone 3235 - 8137
#2 Natal Shopping

Av. Hermes da Fonseca, 890
Tirol - Phone 3222 - 0778

»China's Palace
Av. Afonso Pena, 554
Petropolis - Phone 3211 - 2462

»China in Box
No restaurant, only delivery service. This Chinese chain exists in several states of Brazil, they have a know-how in preparing and delivering food.
Prices are fair; a box which is enough for two goes for around R$ 15; delivery is the fastest in Natal.
Av. Prudente de Morais, 1321
Tirol - Phone 3211-3433

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