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Rua Ana Porto, 04.
The main restaurant is located in the beginning of the Via Costeira, next door to Abade. There is also a smaller branch (more of a fast-food restaurant) in Praia Shopping.

This was the first and, for a long time, the only Japanese restaurant in Natal. Because Guinza was opened before the Japanese cuisine became popular in Natal, it had to adapt its menu and serve dishes of other cuisines, including several kinds of steak and fish.
With a good localization and a high standard of food and services, Guinza became one of the most well regarded restaurants in Natal. A few years ago, Guinza opened an night club in the upper floor of the restaurant; the night club opens a few nights per week only and is one of the most upscale in the city.
More recently, Guinza opened a cigar bar (suggestively called Habano), a place where appreciators can purchase and smoke cigars.

Below, some phots of Guiza restaurant.

Guinza restaurant, Natal Japanese food
First photo shows the facade of Guinza; next door to Guinza is restaurant Abade.
Middle photo shows the main internal ambience; there are also a more reserved room and another ambience in front of the sushiman; Japanese spaces, where guests sit down on matresses, do not exist anywhere in Natal.
The third photo shows the view of the ocean. It is still nice, but it used to be much more beautiful a few years ago, when there were not so many hotels in Ponta Negra.
The menu is very diversified. On Saturdays, the restaurant offers a buffet of feijoada.
Two photos above show the sashimi teishoku, which comes with about 12 slices of sashimi, rice, misso shiru and some Japanese vegetables. The fish was very fresh, and even though the sushi-man was not Japanese, the sashimi was very well cut. Price is R$ 35, individual serving.

Natal-Brazil recommends Guinza as the best Japanese restaurant in Natal.

Notice that there is also a smaller branch of Guinza in the Praia Shopping. This branch, however, is more of a regional restaurant (Brazilian food) than a Japanese one.

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