North Beach Tours - Genipabu, JacumŃ, Maracaja˙

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Tour usually includes:
- pick up at the hotel in Natal
- boat across the river Potengi
- visiting Redinha
- visiting the beach of Jenipabu and the top of the fixed dunes, where one can have a view of the Lagoon of Jenipabu and take a dromedary ride. Notice that some operators in Natal do not include in this tour the visit to the mobile dunes of Jenipabu; if you want to take the famous "with or without emotion" tour, visit the Jenipabu tours section.
- getting across the river Cearß-Mirim, reaching the beach of Grašandu
- visiting beach of Pitangui, including a brief visit to the Lagoon of Pitangui
- visiting beach of JacumŃ, and going up the dunes for visits to the Aerobunda and then ski-bunda
north coast Rio Grande do Norte- visiting all beaches between JacumŃ and Maracaja˙; this includes visiting, besides the beaches, other interesting points like the smallest waterfall in the world, Cabo de SŃo Roque (the point in Brazil nearest Europe), the Tree of Love, river Puna˙ and other attractions
- trip back to Natal; buggy drivers suggest to have lunch at Miramar, a buffet of fish and sea food at the beach of Muri˙

near Maracaja˙
Near Maracaja˙

Maracaja˙, the last stop of the tour, is about 65 km north of Natal; notice, however, that the several detours taken to visit attractions (for example, aerobunda in JacumŃ) and to access better points of viewing easily stretch the total distance to more than 100 km. Duration of tour depends on how much time is spent on each place. A typical tour takes from 9am to 3pm.

It┤s possible to extend the trip as far as Touros, further to the north. It┤s also possible to continue the trip all the way until Fortaleza, in Cearß; this service, however, is offered by fewer operators, and usually involves driving a Land Rover or similar vehicle.
It is also possible to combine this trip with a dive at the Parrachos de Maracaja˙; however, diving is only possible during the low tides, so a careful timing is required.

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