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Opening hours of museums may change, so call before coming. Most of museums are either free or have a symbolic fee. All places should be well known by most taxi drivers.
Notice also that Cidade Alta, a quartier in the old downtown, concentrates several of the museums.

» Forte dos Reis Magos
Wise Kings Fortress.
Directions: Praia do Forte. Phone: 3211-4959
Visiting the fortress is a lesson of History.

»Memorial Camara Cascudo
Av. Camara Cascudo - Cidade Alta
Camara Cascudo was a sociologist who dedicated his life to studying the History and Culture of Natal and Rio Grande do Norte; his merits are recognized throughout the country.
This is the home where Cascudo and his wife spend most of their lives; after his death, she lived in the house until 1,997, when whe died. In 2,001, the place was turned in a museum, which shows personal objects and several hommages to mr. Cascudo.
Don't confuse this Memorial with the Museum Camara Cascudo (see below).

» Museum Camara Cascudo
Av. Hermes da Fonseca, 1398 Tirol Phone 3215-4192
The largest Museum in Natal.

»Museu da Cultura Popular
Rua Chile, 106 Ribeira, Natal Phone: 3221-2066
Museum dedicated to the popular culture of Natal.
Exhibits pictures and writings depcting folkloric activies, handcraft, books and costumes.

»Instituto Histórico e Geográfico do Rio Grande do Norte
Rua Conceicao, 622 - Cidade Alta Phone: 3221-1228
The oldest official cultural archive. Contains photographies, newspapers and magazines showing past life of Natal.

»Espaço Cultural Palácio Potengi
Praca Sete de Setembro, Cidade Alta
Construction of the building finished in 1,873.
Former head office of the State government. Today if exhibits several cultural and artistic expositions, and also the state paintings collection.

»Museu de Arte Sacra
Rua Santo Antonio, 698, Cidade Alta Phone 3211-4236
Museum of religious art (catholic). Workpieces dated from centuries 17 through 20. Images, sculptures, costumes and other material which was used in catholic worships.

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