Culture in Natal

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Casa da Ribeira is a cultural center maintained by the government and some important companies; the Casa has permanent exhibitions and promotes cultural events.

»Carnaval in Natal. Brazil is the land of carnaval, but in Natal the event is not much popular. Notice, however, that Natal is famour for Carnatal, an off-season carnaval which happens in November and December every year, and is probably the most popular event of this kind in Brazil.

»Christmas. How Brazil and Natal celebrate Christmas.

» FOOTBALL GUIDE Information about the football teams of Rio Grande do Norte.
» A football match in Natal. Photos of a football match in Machadão, the biggest stadium in Natal.
» Capoeira. Information about capoeira, a mix of sports, dance and martial art.

» Religious groups
There is no official religion in Brazil. Because of Portuguese settlement, most people are Roman Catholic.

»Esperanto in Natal. Group of people who learn the international language Esperanto in Natal.

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