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Distance from Natal: 63 Km
Acess: BR 101 north until Maxaranguage; then take RN-60 and drive another 10 km.

The main attraction of Maracajaś are the "parrachos".
When the tide lowers, the water gets trapped by the formation of reefs, 7 km off the coast. This trapped water forms large natural pools, called parrachos; the parrachos combine quiet water with abundance of natural marine life. The pools can be as shallow as 2 meters or as deep as 8 meters (it depends on the tide, which in turn depends on the moon); in the shallower areas, there are bar boats, serving food and drinks; the deeper areas are good for diving.
Also in Maracajįu is Ma-noa Park, a large water park.
Many travel operators sell packages to Maracajaś, including return trip and a tour to the parrachos.

Portal de Maracajaś several pictures; in Portuguese only.

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