Barra de Cunhaú

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Distance from Natal: 88 Km
Access: BR 101 South then, after reaching Canguaretama, take RN 269

Cunhaú is a combination of sea, river and green.
Besides enjoying the beach, tourists can get on a boat and take an ecological tour down the river appreciating the manguezal, a natural environment of the region. Also with the boat, visitors can visit some salines (farms where sea salt is produced).
The beach in Cunhaú has a much wider sand strip (the water front seem to be more distant); in several points, there are trees and natural grass.
The village is still very small, most people still live of capturing shrimps and crabs. The infra-structure is still poor, but there are a few pousadas and restaurants. Cunhaú is very close to Pipa, you may consider staying there and take a day to visit here.

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