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This page lists the prices of hotels in other areas of Natal.
These are actual prices, not the prices listed by the websites.

Although we do our best to quote actual prices, we can not and do not guarantee accuracy of the prices quoted below.

Survey 1. We called the hotels in April 2006 (the low season), asking for a quotation for a couple with no kids. We spoke in Portuguese.
When rooms had different prices (e.g., rooms with or without sea view), we asked for the lowest price, for rooms with air conditioner and breakfast included.
We didn't ask for discounts.
Fields without prices mean that we could not contact the hotel.

HOTEL Survey 1
Arituba R$ 106
Hotel Sol R$ 50
Maine/Residence R$ 185
Monza R$ 154
Tirol R$ 92
Tulip Inn R$ 137

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