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If you need a place for a short staying (for example, if you are driving from Fortaleza to Recife and want to take a night break), you may consider a motel.
Motels in Natal and Brazil are hotels which charge by the hour, and are often used by couples for love encounters.
Though quality varies, most hotels are very clean, comfortable and have reasonable prices; an overnight stay costs as low as R$20, breakfast included (promotional prices, from Sunday to Thursday).
Below, some suggestions.

Motel Deville
The closest to the city entrance. After passing the airport, keep looking to your right, and you will see a big light sign about 2 km down the road.

Motel Bahamas
Also close to the city entrance, but in the other side of road; about 4 km past the airport, keep looking to the left watching for a light board.

Rarus Motel
Rua Joao 23 - off Via Costeira (take a taxi)

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