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Tábua de Carne
Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 3241 - Phone: 3642-1236
Av. Senador Dinarte Mariz, 229 - Phone 3202-5838
Website: www.tabuadecarne.com.br.

This restaurant offers regional food (you won't find in the larger States of South of Brazil, even less in other countries), prepared with competence. Prices are fair, service is good. The location is excellent, with a superb view of the sea.
If a visitor had time to visit only one restaurant in Natal, Tábua de Carne would be our recommendation.

"Tabua de Carne" is an utensil (a flat, rectangular, plate of wood) used by Brazilian cooks to soften the beef; the beef is laid on the wood and beaten with a hammer.

Tábua de carne is specialized in regional food; the main staple is "carne de sol" (jerked beef) and varieties.
There are two restaurants. The first one is in Ponta Negra, across the street from Pantanal. Both Pantanal and Tábua de Carne get very busy during lunch time; traffic jams are common. To get there from Ponta Negra, take buses 46, 54 or 66, or take a walk 500 meters past Praia Shopping.
The second, newer restaurant, is at the northern end of Via Costeira, near Praia dos Artistas. The restaurant was built near the sea, and affords one of the most beautiful views in a restaurant in Natal. From Ponta Negra, take bus 56.

Below, some photos of Tábua de Carne at Via Costeira.

tabua de carne sea view
Above, photos of the entrance, main saloon and the exhuberant view.
The space and ample and with natural ventilation; to help refresh the heat, a system of pipes running along the ceiling sprinkles vaporized cold water.
To expedite orders, the restaurant uses (is one of the few in Natal to do so) a wireless communication between the waiter and the kitchen. Also, as most garnishments are pre-cooked, expect a fast service, even during busy hours.
This kind of food is appreciated not only by foreigners, but also by tourists from São Paulo, Rio and other States, who are not used to having them at home.
tabua de carne sea view
Menu in Portuguese only. Staff don't seem to speak English.
The main dish is carne de sol (jerked beef at sertão style). We ordered carne de sol à moda da casa (chef's style), which is the most complete.
The difference between the several dishes of carne de sol are in the garnishments; the complete option comes with rice, fried manioc, green beans, bottled butter, vinagrette, smashed manioc and paçoca; click here for an enlarged photo.
tabua de carne sea view
Above, photos of green beans, smashed manioc, paçoca (a mixture of manioc flour and jerked beef) and a ready plate.
Tábua de Carne (and regional food restaurants in general) are usually cheaper than the other upscale restaurants in Natal. Remember, this food was consumed by the poor inhabitants of the hinterlands, and luxury was not their priorities. A dish of carne de sol goes for between R$ 30 and R$ 40, and serves 3 or 4 people.

Tábua de Carne is a Regional Northeastern restaurant; check out this list with other regional restaurants in Natal.

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