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Some of the main dishes of Rio Grande do Norte culinary are:

»Caranguejada – It is made of crabs cooked with coconut and other spices.
»Carne-de-sol – It is a kind of dry and salty meat, found all over Brazilian Northeastern Region. It is also called Carne do Ceará, Carne do Sertão, and Carne de Vento.
»Cocada – Candy made of coconut, with white or dark sugar, cut to squared or rounded frames. Cocada is one of the oldest and most consumed candies in Brazil.
»Cuscuz – It is made of manioc flour, seasoned with salt and coconut. It is eaten with sugar or butter, in breakfast or supper meals.
»Green Beans – They are served with manioc flour or regional butter called ‘manteiga do sertão’.
»Lingüiça do Sertão – It is a typical sausage from the Inlands of Northeastern Region.
»Macaxeira – It is the manioc, served boiled or fried.
»Paçoca – It is made of ‘carne de sol’ meat cut to threads, mixed up with manioc flour and onions.
»Fried Fish – The fish is fried in ‘dendê’ oil and served with ‘tapioca’.
»Butter Cheese – Made on the farms, it is yellow-colored and slightly salty.
»Tapioca – It is a kind of sweet or salty pancake made of manioc. Many times it is seasoned with coconut.

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