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Camarões Restaurant
Av. Roberto Freire, 2610. Phone: 3209 2424.
R. Pedro Fonseca, 8887. Phone: 3209 2425

The name means "shrimps".
Camarões is one of the most traditional restaurants in Natal. Many restaurants come and go; Camarões not only resisted the test of time, but also expanded operations recently.
The first restaurant opened in 1989; to serve the high demand, a new, bigger, restaurant was opened in 2005, only 300 meters away from the first one. In the high season, both restaurants still get crowded, particularly on Sundays.

Below, some photos of Restaurante Camarões.

Restaurant Camarões shrimps in Natal fish and shrimps

The first photo shows the façade of the new restaurant.
The place has several ambiences, including an air-conditioned room upstairs (with a view of Morro do Careca) and an open air space downstairs.
The menu is in Portuguese only, but the restaurant claims that most waiters speak English.
Camarões is not a cheap place. A dish for two costs between R$ 40 and R$ 50. The house does not work with lobsters.

muqueca grilled fish tropical moqueca

We ordered two dishes: tropical shrimps moqueca and fish grilled with vegetables.
In Camarões, moqueca is prepared the bahian way, with dende and coconut mil (see a moqueca recipe). The tropical moqueca, an innovation by this restaurant, takes also some fruits, such as mango and pineapple.

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