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Much of the fun happens at Ponta Negra beach. Several of the bars and restaurants stay open until late, especially on weekends.

» Forró com Turista
Folkloric shows and dances, every Thursday, 10pm. Shows take place inside the same historic building which houses the Centro de Turismo.
Forro is probably the most traditional popular dance in Natal and all the Brazilian northeast; whereas other rythms of dance, such as lambada and others that I already forgot, break out from nothing to become very popular for a short while only to vanish forever, forro has been popular for decades.
The dance was the means that poorer people used to have fun (some say that the name forro is a corruption of the English term "for all", meaning that everyone could join in). The dance is danced together and has very basic movements ; the house offers instructors to teach how to "forro".

» Zás Trás
Folkloric shows and dances on stage. They have shows from Monday through Saturday, but the shows change; according to their website, currently there are shows devoted to the Natal culture, the Brazilian culture and capoeira.
Notice that the shows are directed mostly to the Brazilian tourists, so they are all spoken in English; however, because it's basically a show of movements, language should not be a problem to enjoy the spectacle.

Praca Cívica
Want to really mix up with Brazilian young people? Albatroz is a kind of discotheque, forro, samba, etc. frequented by popular young natalenses of all social classes, with predominance of lower and middle class. Albatroz is way off the beaten tourist path.
It opens a few nights a week; each night has a different kind of music (so, a different kind of audience). Prices are popular.
Albatroz is located right off one of the corners of Praca Civica, in Petropolis, well known by any taxi driver.

Praia dos Artistas
Phones: 202-1188/ 202-1199
A big disco with different ambiences.
Several ambiences: a disco downstair, a videobar, a pub, a forro saloon.
The place may get really crowded, smokey and hot.
Open from Thursday to Saturday. Check before going.

» Taverna
The Tavern. A mix of pub and disco located at the basement of youth hostel Lua Cheia, in Ponta Negra (check out the hotels in Ponta Negra section.
Attended by the guests of the hostel and by the young people of Natal.

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