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UPDATE 2006. The theatres in Natal Shopping and the Rio Verde were closed down. The former became a playground, the latter was turned into an evangelic temple. Information is maintained here for Historic purposes only.

»Natal I and II (Shopping Center Natal)
Two movie theatres in the lower floor of Shopping Center Natal. Sessions start around 1PM.
Until very recently, these were the best movie theatres in Natal; however, the theatres are old, and the smell shows it; the acoustic is a little outdated.
Because there are only two screens, there are usually two and occasionally three movies to choose from. There is a mix of every kind of movies; in the past, these theatres offered cultural sessions, when alternative movies are shown.
The front page of the Natal shopping informs the movies at Natal I and II

»Rio Verde I and II
Two older theatres, located at downtown, near the Cathedral. The screen is small, the acoustic is bad, the chairs are uncomfortable. Sometimes they show the same films as the other theatres in Natal, and sometimes they show films you won't have another chance to see in Natal (this would be the only situation when you should consider going to these theatres).

»Moviecom (Praia Shopping)
The first Multiplex in Natal, opened in 2,003. Seven modern theatres, clean spaces, modern acoustic, modern projection systems. Chairs are comfortable and there is a higher step between them (you won't be bothered by the person in front of you). Mixed movies.
Check out the movies at Praia Shopping Multiplex

»Midway Mall
There is a complex with ten theaters at the top floor of the Midway Mall Shopping, opened in 2005.

»Teatro Alberto Maranhao
Praca Augusto Severo, 888 Ribeira Phone 222-3669
Main theatre of Natal, 19th century building. Programmes change often, call to confirm. One of the best theatres in Brazil, capacity of 676 people, air conditioner, recently refurbished.

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