Christmas in Natal - 2006

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Shows in Natal

Christmas in Natal

Photo of the amphitheater and the stage.
Performing, Alceu Valença.

The Christmas celebration in 2006 started on December 15th, with the shows "Natal, Dança e Música" (Christmas, Dance and Music), performed on the amphiteather of the Federal University. Starting 9 pm, there was, for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), performances of dancing, regional culture and popular music.
December 15th: performances by the Ballet of the City of Natal, the Folkloric group of Natal, and a musical show with Alceu Valença.
December 16th: performances by the Ballet of the City of Natal, the School of Dance of the Teatro Alberto Maranhão, and a show with Rita Lee.
December 17th: Ballet of Natal, cultural groups Araruna (indian origin) and Congos de Calçola (reminiscents of old slaves), show by Zé Ramalho.

Entrance to all shows are free. Every inch of the theatre is taken by between 12 and 13 thousand people, the capacity of the theatre.

Auto de Natal

Photo of the amphitheater and the stage.
Final of Play of Natal.

The following week, from Dec. 21st to Dec. 23rd, the same amphitheater was taken by the play "Auto de Natal" (Play of Christmas).
The play tells the story of the Birth of Jesus. There are 40 dancers, 50 actors and other 60 participants; all of them were born in Rio Grande do Norte; nobody is famous, nobody is making it for money. The play is becoming more and more captivating every year, as more and more technical resources are put into it; the sound is getting better, more lights of different colors are being used. However, the main goal of the play, which is to strenght the spirit of peace in the audience and the city, remains strong. Arrive very early to secure a good place.
After the play, a popular Brazilian singer performs. Again, instead of bringing the "hit of the moment", the organizator usually invite artists with strong charisma, capable of creating a good atmosphere, and who seem to be really enjoying to perform. This doesn't mean, however, that the artists are obscure: all the singers who performed in the "Natal, Dança e Música" and in the "Auto de Natal" are very popular, and the audience sings along with them.
Performers of 2006 were:
Dec. 21st: Raimundo Fagner.
Dec. 22nt: Simone.
Dec. 23rd: Elba Ramalho.

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