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Morro do Careca viewing This is probably the best place to buy handicraft in Natal.
It is located at Avenida Roberto Freire, next door to the restaurant Samô, across the street from Granada Flat and a few meters away from the Feira de Artesanato de Ponta Negra.
Vilarte offers a better infrastructure than other markets, but this doesn't seem to cause higher prices.

It is a small shopping center, with about 30 shops selling all kinds of artcraft: clay, wood, clothes, glass, etc. There are several shops selling R$ 1 pieces, and also larger shops selling bigger, more expensive handicraft pieces; there is also a gemstones shop and a shop entirely devoted to cachaça and other spirit drinks.
Vilarte has some restaurants, with outside tables overlooking the Morro do Careca (see photo); some evenings, singers and bands play live music.

Below, some photos of the handicraft pieces sold at Vilarte.

Vilarte entrance

Vilarte front entrance

handicraft shop

A shop (photo through window glass)

outside tables

Outside tables. In the back, Morro do Careca.

small clay pieces

Small sized clay pieces.
Price: from R$ 1.

medium clay pieces

Medium sized clay pieces.
Price: from R$ 10.

caipirinha smasher

Caipirinha smasher (the name in Portuguese is pilão).
Price: R$ 6.50



lucky hens

Lucky hens. Legend says that the set of one large chicken and three small hens have the power to make wishes come true.
Price: R$ 20

wood craft

A cow face, in wood.



cachaça shop

Cachaça shop.


Large sculpture outside.

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