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Artesanat ArtesaNat is the handicraft shop maintained by the city government of Natal. It is located by the BR-101 Highway, near the Via Direta shopping center. Address is Av. Governador Josť Varela, s/n, Mirassol, Natal. A board (see photo) indicates the place.

This market is probably the oldest in Natal. It was opened about a decade ago, to "stimulate, organize and otherwise give support to the production and commercialization of handicraft, in a way which respects the local History and Culture". Any handicrafter who has no other way to expose his/her production may register with ArtesaNat and exhibit his/her works there.
This initiative by the city government is of course to be applauded, but it has become less and less necessary and effective. Many other handicraft fairs were opened as private enterprises in recent years, and most local crafters use these venues to sell their production.

Still, if there is a particular kind of artcraft you can't find in the other markets, give Artesanat a try. Below, some photos.

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