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Update 2006. With the widespreading of broad band connections in Brazil, now it is very easy to get connected. More and more hotels either offer a small internet room, or provide access points in the apartments. Lan houses can be found everywhere. The major shoppings are also providing wireless connection.

Original text, from 2003.
The situation in hotels vary much. Some hotels offer broadband in the room, others have communitary machines, some have a phone plug in the room, and some have nothing at all. Check with your hotel.
There are several places offering internet access in Natal, and new ones appear everyday.
More than in cyber cafes, it's in the LAN houses that you are more likely to find a machine for hire; LAN houses are mushrooming all across the city, and most (but not all) also have access to the internet.
A few places you can try:
In the Ponta Negra strip, watch out for the "Internet" signs; several restaurants and galleries have a room with a few computers connected. Up the hill, try the LAN house called Spectrum, in the Granada Flat (good price, modern machines, nice management), but be warned that the kids playing games can be very noisy. There are several machines in the Praia Shopping, but you can find cheaper and more private machines if you try the bar just across the street. In Natal Shopping there are also some rows of computers (see the pictures in the Natal Shopping section), but if you want more privacy at a better price check out the bookstore upstairs.
Prices vary from RS$2 to R$5 per hour.

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