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Citizen centrals (in Portuguese, Central do Cidadão) is an idea by the State government to help citizens solve their issues with public agencies and companies.
In the same large room, citizens can find help desks from: official papers issuers (where Brazilians get their IDs); Federal Police (it helps foreigners with some, but not all issues; for example, a visa extension is a more complicated matter which must be solved only at the Police head offices); Department of Transit (DETRAN); utilities companies (phone, electricity, sewage); Labour Justice; Electoral Justice.

Address of Citizen Centrals:

Citizen Central Downtown
Av. Coronel Estevam , 1233, ALECRIM, NATAL
Phones: 3201-1848 / 3222-3816 / 3201-1815

Citizen Central North
Av. Doutor João Medeiros Filho , 105, IGAPÓ, NATAL
Phones: 3661-5229 / 3661-5183

Citizen Central Ponta Negra
Av. Eng. Roberto Freire, 8790, PONTA NEGRA, Praia Shopping, NATAL
3232-7234 3219-4101
The Tourist Police is located here

Citizen Central Via Direta
BR 101, Km 2 , 2233, Shopping Via Direta , NATAL
Phone: 3232-2330

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