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Em Português: Restaurantes em Natal.

Natal doesn't have the same variety of restaurants as other large Brazilian cities.

Veja, the most important Brazilian magazine, publishes a yearly guide with the best restaurants in the major cities, like São Paulo, Rio, Recife, Fortaleza and others. Veja doesn't publish such a guide for Natal.

Recommended Restaurants in Natal.
Below, a suggestion of restaurants we visited and recommend.

Regional food: Tábua de Carne. If you had time to visit only one restaurant in Natal, this is the one we would recommend.
Barbecue / meat: best rodízio in Natal is in Tererê; Pantanal is not so good, but is cheaper.
Feijoada: Bari Palesi.
Fish and shrimps: Camarões; if you want an "all shrimp you can eat for a fixed price", visit Barraca do Caranguejo.
Japanese food: Guinza.

List of restaurants in Natal

cozinha regional

Most restaurants in Natal do not care about maintaining a website. Below, a non-comprehensive list of restaurants, by cuisine.

» Regional Natal
» Regional Brazil
» Fish and Sea Food
» Pizzas, Pasta, Italian Food
» Japanese and Chinese

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