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Address: Rua Aderbal de Figueiredo, 980 - Petrópolis
Phone: 211 - 6218. Opened daily, from 8 am to 7 pm. Entrance free.
Directions: from Ponta Negra, follow the Via Costeira all the way, then up the Ladeira do Sol; at the top of the hill, turn to the right then turn to the right again.

An old building which used to be a prison was turned into a handcraft shopping; the four corridors are packed with shops, with a large yard in the middle. This is probably the busiest of such markets in Natal, as many travel agencies drop visitors here. Prices are reasonable (price tags are clearly visible in most shops), but bargaining is always welcome.
The shops offer all kind of handcraft: clothes, hammocks, puppies, paintings, etc. There is a restaurant and a cafeteria which offer some regional plates. Go to the windows of restaurants and some shops to have a nice view of the Ocean and the river Potengi.
On Thursday nights, there is a folkloric show called Forró com Turista (Forró with Tourists).
Below, some pictures of the Centro de Turismo.

Notice that, in the upper floor of one of the corridors there is an exposition of artcrafts (paintings and sculptures). The exposition exhibits pieces made by Luzia Dantas, a famous sculptress who lives in the interior side of Rio Grande do Norte. This old lady and her deceased sister have a room with their work in the Museum Camara Cascudo; check out the quality of their work to understand why.

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