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Augusto Several Airport

airport Augusto Severo
Airport Augusto Severo
Photo by Infraero

Official name: Aeroporto Internacional Augusto Severo
Abbreviation: NAT
Co-ordinates: 05°54'29" South / 035°14'56" West
Landing strip length: 2600 m

The airport is situated in the city of Parnamirim, and is distant about 20 km from Natal.
The airport was built during World War II, to give support to the Ally Forces in North Africa. Between 1943 and 1945, the airport was used by the US Air Navy, US Army, Royal Air Force, Brazilian Air Force and commercial airlines; maintenance and security of the aiport was conducted by the USAFSA - United States Air Force in the Southern Atlantic.
Parnamirim was one of the largest North American bases outside USA during the WW II. There are records that about 20,000 American and British soldiers were based here; also, there were always a few thousand soldiers in transit to the islands in the South Atlantic.
Because of its fundamental importance in the campaigns in North Africa, Parnamirim was called "Trampolim da Vitória" (Trampoline to Victory).

The old airport was completely overhauled, and the new premises were opened in 2000.
The internal area now has air conditioned. Aircrafts stop in fingers (formerly, passengers had to walk across the runway to board the airplane).
The airport today has three floors. In the first floor, there are the arrival gate, check-in counters and several tourist services (including car rentals, travel agencies, bank ATMs, taxis and an office of the Tourism Board). In the second floor, the departure gate, a small restaurant court and other services (including a bookshop with several international books and magazines and a small internet access facility). In the third floor, the observation deck, a space reserved for cultural exhibits (often empty) and a small cafe.

The airport is safe, tranquil and comfortable. However, given that it is distant from Natal, and that international passengers must be in the airport two hours before departure time, there is not really much to do to past time; bring your books.
Below, photos of the airport.

airport Augusto Severo

Airport Augusto Severo

airport Natal

Main entrance and parking lot

new airport

Opened on March 24th 2000



bi-lingual signalization

Bi-lingual signalization

tourism office

Tourism office, first floor

airport Natal

General view

Natal airport

General view


Restaurants and internet access
Internet is R$ 8 per hour





farewell message

Farewell message: Volte Sempre! Come back soon! Vuelva siempre!

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