Artcraft and Handcraft fairs

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miniature ships Natal has a few permanent artcraft and handicraft markets.
It looks like this: several (tens or close to a hundred) small barrows, either in a spacious loft or in open air, independently owned and run, offering several kinds of artcraft, handicraft, small souvenirs, etc. The word in Portuguese for this kind of place is Feira.
Always shop around before buying, as usually more than one barrow offer the same product. However low the prices may look, always bargain, particularly if you buy two or more items.

We recommend this place.

Centro de Turismo
Old building which used to be used as a prison and now is the busiest handcraft shopping in Natal.

Feira de Artesanato de Ponta Negra (Update 2006 - This place was shut down; the entire building was demolished, and a new hotel is being built in the place).
Av. Eng. Roberto Freire
Big loft with about 40 barrows.

BR 101 - close to Via Direta and Natal Shopping
This fair has official support of the city government of Natal

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