Natal is the safest city among Brazilian State capitals

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A recent survey conducted by IPEA - Institute for Applied Economics Research, an accredited official research institution, showed that Natal is the safest city, among all capital cities of Brazilian States.

IPEA crushed several official data and came up with an index of risk of homicide for every city in Brazil. The main sources of information used by IPEA were the number of inhabitants of each city (counted by IBGE, the official Statistics agency), and the number of murders in the city (information provided by the Ministry of Health); IPEA made some adjustments based on socio-economic factors like availability of public health and education, number of non-married mothers, volume of investments and others. The methodology devised by IPEA is explained by this document; the document is big (409 kB), in PDF format and written in Portuguese only.
The results of the ranking of safest Brazilian cities is presented also in a PDF document, size 199 kB. The list includes the more than 5000 Brazilian mucipalities, so it´s a little difficult to read.

Brazilian magazine Época picked up the survey and wrote an article, summarizing the results. The Época article starts here, but the second half is available for subscribers only. In this publicly available report, Época informs that the least violent city in Brazil, according to IPEA, is Maringá (with economy based on agribusiness), in the State of Paraná, and the most violent city in Brazil is Serra, in the State of Espírito Santo (organized crime is rampant here). had access to IPEA´s full table (links above) and lists below the Brazilian capital cities, by order of safety.

Rank City (State) Risk Index
1 Natal (RN) 18,59
2 Palmas (TO) 21,05
3 Teresina (PI) 24,21
4 São Luís (MA) 25,75
5 Florianópolis (SC) 25,96
6 Belém (PA) 26,66
7 Salvador (BA) 26,75
8 Goiânia (GO) 27,63
9 Curitiba (PR) 28,46
10 Porto Alegre (RS) 28,67
11 Manaus (AM) 28,91
12 Fortaleza (CE) 30,25
13 Campo Grande (MS) 32,07
14 Brasília (DF) 33,81
15 João Pessoa (PB) 34,08
16 Rio Branco (AC) 34,35
17 Aracaju (SE) 35,69
18 Boa Vista (RR) 35,85
19 Macapá (AP) 40,90
20 Cuiabá (MT) 45,80
21 São Paulo (SP) 47,02
22 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 47,67
23 Belo Horizonte (MG) 48,60
24 Porto Velho (RO) 49,89
25 Maceió (AL) 51,14
26 Vitória (ES) 54,99
27 Recife (PE) 66,38

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