Foreigner investments explode in Rio Grande do Norte

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Source: article published by newspaper Tribuna do Norte on Sunday, February 27th, 2005. This paper used to have an archive of past editions, but no more.

Along the coast of Rio Grande do Norte, there are currently 17 large enterprises in progress, conducted mostly by European groups. Investments in the northern coast of the State reach R$ 441 million, while investments in the sourthern coast reach about R$ 180 million (this adds up to R$ 620 million, or about US$ 230 million, at the current rate; this is impressive, by Brazilian standards; read this notice about investments in Rio Grande do Norte released recently by the Tourist Board).
There are a total of 65 hotels being built in the State, and only one of those is property of Brazilians. Many of them are sold directly to European clients. For example, the Blue Marlin Flats, in Ponta Negra, was built by a Norwegian group, which sold all the flats even before the opening of the hotel; all flats were sold in Norway and Sweden.

Other cities and States of Brazil are seeing an increase in the flow of tourists, but none beats Rio Grande do Norte. Portuguese, Spaniards, Scandinavians and other Europeans discovered that there is a place in Brazil closer to Europe, with sun, beaches, safety, hospitality and low prices.
Natal is a favorite because it still keeps the cosy atmosphere of a small city, with few skyscrapers. Besides, in the opinion of Barbara Reichert, a German lady who buil an inn in Pipa, "the sexual tourism in cities like Recife and Fortaleza is scaring many tourists, who come to Rio Grande do Norte instead. We must take care to prevent this problem from growing in our beaches, as it is happening in Ponta Negra".

Even though Pipa continue attracting tourists and investors, the small Barra do Cunhaú is becoming more and more important in the touristic scenario of the State. More and more Europeans are arriving to Cunhaú; a Portuguese restaurant was recently opened; two large hotels, with 8,000 m2, are being built by Portuguese groups. A piece of land which costed R$11,000 in 2003 is going today for R$50,000.
A link between Pipa and Cunhaú is under construction. Today, the distance between these beaches is 46km; when the link is finished, the distance will shorten to 21 km; this should increase even more the presence of tourists in Cunhaú. Sweden born Ola Birgerson was so enchanted with Cunhaú that he decided to build an inn here, the Blue Dream; "I wanted a new place, to discover it and grow along with it; Pipa and Ponta Negra grew too much".

Hotels being constructed in Rio Grande do Norte

Source: the Tourist Board of Rio Grande do Norte, February 2005

City Beach Nr. of hotels and beds, nationality of owners
São Bento do Norte São Bento beach 3 hotels, 1200 beds, 3km of beach front, Portugal
São Miguel do Gostoso São Miguel do Gostoso 6 hotels, 2000 beds, 3km of beach front, Spain
3 hotels, 800 beds, 600 m of beach front, Spain
Touros Farol beach
Praia Perobas
Lagoa Boqueirão
1 hotel, 120 beds, Portugal
Inn and condo, 40 beds, Portugal
2 Golf camp and condo, 120 beds, Portugal
Rio do Fogo Praia de Zumbi
Pria de Pititinga
2 hotels, 400 beds, 600 m of beach front, Portugal
6 hotels, 2400 beds, Golf camp, 1,2 km of beach front, Switzerland
Maxaranguape Maracajaú
3hotels, 1200 beds, 2km of beach front, Portugal
3 hotels, 1400 beds, 2km of beach front, Spain
3 hotels, 1000 beds, 2km of beach front, Norway
4 hotels, 1600 beds, 2km of beach front, Brazil and others
Ceará Mirim Muriú

3 hotels, 1200 beds, Golf camp, 2km of beach front, Italy
1 hotel, 900 beds, 600 m of beach front, Italy
1 hotel, 900 beds, 250 m of beach front, Dominican Republic
1 hotel, 480 beds, Holland
Extremoz Pitangui 4 hotels, 2400 beds, condo with 2 golf camps, Brazil and others
Natal Via Costeira
Via Costeira
Via Costeira
1 hotel, 400 beds, Brazil
1 hotel, 900 beds, Spain
1 hotel, 320 beds, Switzerland
Parnamirim Pirangi 1 hotel, 450 beds, Brazil and USA
Nísia Floresta Alcaçuz 2 hotels, 1200 beds, 6 condos, golf camp, Seden
Georgino Avelino Malembá 6 hotels, 2400 beds, condo and golf camp, France
Tibau do Sul Pipa and Sibaúma 4 hotels, 1600 beds, Brazil, Portugal, Italy
Baía Formosa Baía Formosa 2 hotels, 600 beds, resort and condo, Portugal

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