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Latest news about tourism in Natal, Brazil

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»Violence in Natal. October 24th 2006. Official statistics show that the violence in Natal grew much between 2002 and 2005.
»Total eclipse of the Sun. March 29th 2006. Natal was a privileged place to watch a rare phenomenon: a total eclipse of the Sun.
»Carnival in Natal 2006. March 1st. 2006 - Carnival in Natal is still a pale shadow of the biggest carnivals in Brazil. However, the city government made investments, and the carnival may indeed be very attractive to foreigners who want to have first contact with the event.
»More and more foreigners move to the Northeast of Brazil. Nov. 8th. 2005 - Translation of an article published by Veja magazine.
»New five star hotel opens in Natal. Nov. 1st. 2005 - Spanish group opens a new hotel in Via Costeira.
»Prices of real estate going up. April 17th. 2005 - Because of high demand, prices of real estate in Natal and Rio Grande do Norte are increasing.
»Natal is the safest capital city in Brazil April 4th. 2005 - Study by official institution concluded that Natal is the safest capital city among all Brazilian States.
»Foreigner investments booming in Rio Grande do Norte March 1st. 2005 - Several high standard hotels being built by foreigners.
Ponta Negra, Natal, Brazil »NYTimes recommends holidays in Natal Feb. 20th. 2005 - "While Europeans have in recent years begun flocking to the region's spectacular beaches and fallen under the spell of its infectious music, American visitors have lagged far behind in exploring the many delights that seaside resort cities such as Recife, Natal and Fortaleza can offer, all at a fraction of what comparable packages in the Caribbean would cost."
»Travellerīs Pulse Survey: Brazil among favourite destinations Feb. 10th. 2005. A survey conducted by Lonely Planet, the guide of independent travellers, ranks Brazil as one of the countries that people would like to visit next.
»Foreigner tourism in Rio Grande do Norte grows by 130% in 2004 Jan 22nd. 2005. And investment are being made to increase these numbers.
»International travellers in Natal - 2003 Jan 20th. 2005. Results of an official survey, conducted by the Brazilian Tourism Authority

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