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The Yahoo! category about Travel to Brazil Check out also the sub-directories.
The Dmoz category about Travel and Tourism in Brazil Dmoz is the directory used by Google.
Tourism Office of the Brazilian Embassy in Washington This site is completely devoted to divulgate tourism in Brazil.
Meu Brasil Site written by Sergio Koreisha, a professor from the University of Oregon. He wrote about Brazilian politics, economics, culture, etc. It looks like the site hasn't been update for some time now.
Brazilmax The Hip Gringo's Guide to Brazil - Information about tourism and culture
Pelourinho Brazilian events around the world.
States of Brazil. Information about all Brazilian States.
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil Online Very comprehensive guide to the state of Bahia.
Canoa Quebrada. Travel guide about the village and the beach of Canoa Quebrada, near Fortaleza, includes a map, photos, hotels, pousadas and famous attractions.