Brazil is a peaceful country

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Brazil has no internal contends
There are no serious mentions to secession.
The entire country speaks the same language; accents vary from region to region, but not so much to be called dialects. The entire country uses the same currency (not even the dollar is used much), adopts the same national symbols and watch the same television programs.

Brazil is a terrorism free country
No terrorism or terrorists have been heard of in Brazil. The country didn't change anything because of September 11th.
Being a real melting pot (more than the USA; intra-groups marriages are much more common in Brazil than in USA, and this fact has several consequences when it comes to a real cultural integration), Brazilians are accostumed to people with different looks (for example, take a look at the Brazilian football team). A German or Swede tourist is not much different from "the blonde guy who works in the bakery around the corner". Recent survey concluded that people in Rio de Janeiro is the one which most welcomes foreigners.

Brazil has no religious or ethnic segregation
There is no official religion.
Most of population is Roman Catholic, but, again because the population is a mixture of several cultures, Brazilians are accostumed to seeing and tolerating diverse religions.
Fact: by law, racial discrimination is a crime. There is a huge debate about how effective the law is. There are evidences of Brazil being a non-prejudice country (the meaningful number of coloured people being one of them) and evidences on the contrary (few black people reach the top of social, economics, political pyramid).

Brazil has no wars
Brazilian soldiers have not been in combat, real or potential, since World War II.
Brazilian soldiers are sent out to colaborate with UN Peace Forces, though.
Brazil has no boundaries disputes, despite having borders with all but two countries in South America; there are several border disputes (and fights) between South American countries.

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