Brazil is a tropical country.

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Most of the country lies between Equatorial line and the Tropic of Capricorn (the Polar Circle is way down); only the southern most states (Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul) are in temperated zone, but notice that Sao Paulo is as much far south as Tokyo or are far north.
The seasons are not so well defined as in temperated countries; in the northern most states, the only season is summer.
Very few Brazilians ever touch snow; actually, the few cities where snowing occasionaly occurs use it as a tourist attraction.
The coastal line of Brazil is about 5,000 km long; most bigger Brazilian cities are on the coast, or close to it.

Brazil has no hurricanes, nor typhons, nor cyclones, nor tornados...
It just happens that the air pressure zones don't cause hurricanes in Brazil.
Weather forecast in Brazilian TV only mention temperature and rain; Brazilians don't understand those "circles and arrows" which appear in foreigner weather channels.

Brazil has no earthquakes
Again, nature was generous with the geological structure of the country, and earthquakes are unheard of. Actually, when the quakes are strong enough to crack walls, they gain the headlines.

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