One of the biggest countries in the world

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Brazil is bigger than the continuous USA (USA is bigger, if Alaska is considered); only Russia, China and Canada are bigger than Brazil.
However, while those other countries have big areas covered with snow and desert, almost the entire Brazil has tourism interest.
The Amazon forest is the biggest reserve of natural life in the world; there is more fauna and flora in a few square miles of Amazon than in most European countries. South of Amazon, the Pantanal is another natural environment which more and more attracts people interested in ecological diversity. The biggest Brazilian cities in the south offer a good infra-structure in one the rapidest growing markets in the world, which has attracted more and more business oriented travellers.
And, of course, Brazil has one of the longest shore lines in the world. A good part of the beaches lie between the tropical and the equatorial lines, making them sunny. To make you feel more comfortable, most Brazilian beaches have fine sand (not the gravel of the French coast, nor the stones of several Greek Islands).
Take a look at some this brief description of Brazilian attractions by Lonely Planet.

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