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Information about the city of Natal, in Brazil.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Natal declares State of Emergency because of dengue

The mayor of Natal issued a decree declaring the city to be in State of Emergency; see report by Tribuna do Norte; see also report by Diario de Natal informing that more than 50 cities in the State are also under State of Emergency.
During the State (90 days), the Public Administration will be allowed to sign contracts with private companies without a price bidding process; in the lives of citizens, little changes.

The Emergency is because of the dengue.
Brazil is facing an epidemy of dengue; in Rio de Janeiro, where the situation is the worst, several dozens people have already died this year (see report by the New York Times).

Rio Grande do North is the 4th State in number of cases; so far in the year (from January till mid April), more than 5,000 cases of dengue were reported; hospitals are crowded with people looking for treatment.

Dengue is a tropical disease transmited by a mosquito. In its milder form, dengue usually causes severe headache, muscular pain, vomiting and malaise. In a percentage of cases, dengue evolves to the hemorrhagic form, which can lead to death; a few casualties have been reported in Natal this year.

There is no vaccine against dengue. The most effective way to prevent dengue is to prevent the mosquitoes to proliferate; and to do so, people must learn that mosquitoes need clean, still water (like vases and swimming pools) to incubate, and develop health habits.

But most people either don't know what to do, or just don't care (until, of course, there is an outbreak of the disease, like now).