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Friday, December 29, 2006

Foreign investments: some statistics

Newspaper Jornal de Hoje published a report on Wednesday, December 27th, about foreign investments in the Northeast of Brazil.

The source of the information, according to the report, was the Central Bank of Brazil, Bacen; the market of foreign currency in Brazil is fully regulated by Bacen, which monitors each dollar which moves in and out of the country.

According to Bacen, Rio Grande do Norte is the State in the Northeast of Brazil which most received investments of foreign individuals in 2005; the article doesn't say so, but probably most of these investments were towards the acquisition of real estate. Notice that the statistics refer only to individuals, and do not include the investments made by corporations.

A total of US$ 127 million were invested in all the States of Northeast combined. Rio Grande do Norte was the one which, by far, received the most: US$ 61 million; Bahia came in second, with U$ 33 million; Pernambuco received US$ 1.5 million; Paraiba received only US$ 154 thousand. The report doesn't mention any other State, but it is very likely that CearĂ¡ had received the biggest part of the remaining US$ 31 million (check out this post about investments in the northeast of Brazil).

The report also says, withouth mentioning specific figures, that Bahia is the State in Northeast where the highest number of permanent visas is granted; Rio Grande do Norte is the second State in the Northeast, and tenth in Brazil, to grant permanent visas.

Monday, December 25, 2006

A reminding to all: Natal is a city in a Third World country

I lived in London for a few months.
Only once did I have the chance to see a British policeman lose his temper: a driver had stopped his car in a forbidden place (middle of street), for a brief time, just to pick up a packet in a shop; the policeman *yelled* at him, not as much because of the infraction, but more so because he was blocking several other cars which were after him; the infractor moved on, right away.
This showed me how much repulse the British in particular, and socially developed countries in general, have for people who act in an anti-social way: knowing they are doing something wrong, but doing it anyway. Civilized people don't need laws to know what is right and wrong, and act accordingly.

Well, it's 2:45 am in Natal, December 25th.
Someone is throwing a party, and the sound is so loud that the entire neighbourhood (in Capim Macio, near Ponta Negra) is obliged to listen to it. Something which would be unthinkable in Western Europe.

In London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Barcelona, Lisbon (btw, all cities that I had the pleasure to visit), the police would take less than ten minutes to shut down the party.
In Natal, the Police number is 190. They say that they won't do anything, though; one must call the environment protection agency, or something similar. The police is kind enough to pass the phone number, but guess what: nobody answers the phone there.

This post is a ranting and a reminding.
This entire site is an attempt to show that Natal is an excellent place to visit.
However, people coming from North America and Europe may be shocked to learn in practice that Natal is a city in the Third World, and that some basic rules of civility taken for granted at their home country simply do not apply here.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas in Natal

Natal is the Portuguese word for "Christmas".
So, Christmas is an even more special occasion in Natal than in the rest of Brazil.

Brazilians celebrate Christmas like most Western countries.
Natal prepares special events to celebrate Christmas.
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Monday, December 04, 2006

Carnatal 2006

carnatal 2006Carnatal 2006 finished yesterday.

The event attracts more and more people every year.
It is a private event, organized by professionals. Every year, mistakes made the previous year are fixed.
Many people who came the previous year return the following years. Most of the bands and artists are also becoming old timers, more and more integrated with Carnatal.

Carnatal 2006 was, like all other editions, very orderly and peaceful.
We attended Carnatal and took some photos. Read about Carnatal 2006.
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