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Information about the city of Natal, in Brazil.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Wilma de Faria is re-elected Governor of Rio Grande do Norte

Wilma Maria de Faria was re-elected, in a second round, Governor of Rio Grande do Norte; Mrs. Wilma will finish her first term on December 31st, and will be empowered for a second term, from January 1st 2007 to December 31st 2010.
In this second round, final results were: Mrs. Wilma de Faria: 52.38% of valid votes (blank votes or votes made null by the voter are not considered); Mr. Garibaldi Alves Filho: 47.62%.

In the first round, on October 1st, the final result was: Mrs. Wilma de Faria: 49.57% of total valid votes (if she had one vote more than 50% of total votes, there would not even be a second round); Mr. Garibaldi Alves Filho: 48.60%; other candidates combined (Sandro de Oliveira Pimentel, José Geraldo Forte dos Santos, Humberto Mauricio da Silva, Antonio Jose Bezerra and Marco Antonio do Nascimento): less than 2%.

According to surveys conducted three months ago, Mr. Garibaldi was favorite. During the campaign, Mrs. Wilma knew how to use the support by President Lula to gain votes among the poorer sectors of the population.

The State of Rio Grande do Norte and the city of Natal will remain governed, as it has been for the past decades, by an oligarchy. Names like Alves, Maia, Faria, Rosado, Mello, Bezerra and very few others dominate the political scenario. The State of Rio Grande do Norte is the one in Brazil where oligarchies are strongest.

Mrs. Wilma de Faria will be Governor, Carlos Eduardo Alves will be Mayor until 2008; the three Senators of the State will be: José Agripino Maia (until 2010); Garibaldi Alves Filho (until 2010); and Rosalba Ciarlini (elected in 2006, for a term until 2014).

Mrs. Wilma de Faria is affiliated with PSB (Brazilian Socialist Party), a leftist Party. As a curiosity, the PSB, a small to medium sized Party, won elections for Governor in only three States, all in the Northeast of Brazil: Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco and Ceará.

For more information about elections 2006 in Brazil, visit the site of the Superior Electoral Court.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Gastronomic Festival in Pipa

Pipa Gastronomic FestivalFrom 6th to 15th of October 2006, Pipa will see the Third Gastronomic Festival.
This is a kind of contest among the restaurants of Pipa (participation is voluntary). Each restaurant should prepare a new plate especially for the Festival, using mostly regional products (which include fish and seafood); price is limited to R$ 15. Juries composed by gourmets and customers will elect the best recipes.

Pipa is one of the places in the Northeast of Brazil with the best selection of restaurants. This is an excellent opportunity to taste delicious food for reasonable prices.

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