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Monday, July 07, 2008

Drinking and driving

Since June 20th, Brazil has had a new law regarding drinking and driving.

Until before June 20th, it was legal to drink moderately before driving. There was a limit of alcohool in the blood before a driver was considered uncapable of driving, of 0.6 dg/l; drivers caught driving with more than that limit were fined; only those people putting other lives in danger could be charged of crimes.

The new law is: the limit is zero.
Anyone caught with a detectable level of alcohool in blood will be fined in R$ 955 (about US$ 600) and will have drivers license seized by one year.
Driving with more than 0.6 dg/l will be considered crime; the driver will be taken to the Police department and charged of crimes; it will be up to the Deputy in charge to keep the driver arrested or to determine a payment for bail out.

Because of the law, a new word is in vogue: bafĂ´metro. This is the device where drivers have to blow to measure the levels of alcohool. There is a discussion going on about whether a person may be obliged to blow the bafĂ´metro, and what to do when he/she refuses.

For foreign visitors, the best advice is: do not drink anything before driving.



Blogger DrNomad said...

This law is injustful. Diabetes patients make alcohol in their blood by nature. And they are perfectly able to drive. Also, it takes about one week to process one beer in the body, if your measuring instrument is accurate enough. This law will not solve any problems, it will only create new problems.

10:24 PM  

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