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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Governor is prosecuted

The Public Prosecution of the State of Rio Grande do Norte filed a public civil suit against the Governor, Mrs. Wilma Faria, and members of her staff.

According to the prosecutors, the Governor used public funds to pay for self-promotion; the prosecutors demand the defendants to refund R$ 6 million (about US$ 3 million) to the Treasury.

Last year, the Government paid R$ 6 million to television for a campaign called "Tá Melhor" (It is Better), in which the State showed their realizations, in comparison with the previous Government.
Brazilian legislation allows use of TV to publicize Government realizations, but it must be institutional, prohibited any personal reference.
Prosecutors say that, by inducing a comparison between governments (and carefully showing only evidences that hers was better), Mrs. Faria infringed the law.

More info on this page of the website of Public Prosecution of Rio Grande do Norte.


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