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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Salaries of the Police

Newspapers report that the Association of Soldiers and Sargents of the Military Police are in talks with the State Government to talk about raises of salaries. According to the Association, the Government would not be honouring promises made last year, during the elections campaigns.

I think it may be interesting for foreigns to know how much Brazilian Police is paid.

There are three main Polices in Brazil: Federal, Military and Civil Police (some of the bigger cities have also a Municipal Police, but not Natal).
Federals take care of federal crimes and surveil borders, among other jobs. The Military are incumbent of keeping law and order; they wear uniforms and drive cars with police signs. The civil police are incumbent of investigating crimes (robberies, assaults, etc).

Federal Police has the highest salaries, something around R$ 8,000 (US$ 4,000).

Military and Civil Police are both paid by the States.
Right now, the Military are asking to have the same salary as the Civil. If this happens, the salary of a soldier policeman will raise from R$ 1111 to R$ 1594; the salary of a Colonel would raise from R$ 4935 yo R$ 7310.

That means that, if the Military manage to get the raise they are asking for, a Police soldier or agent in Rio Grande do Norte will be paid around US$ 800 a month.


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