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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Education in Rio Grande do Norte: some statistics

Since a few years ago, Brazil has been attempting to do what other countries have been doing for decades: measure how much students actually learn.
Most researches are conducted by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (, which has an assistant Institute to help analyse the numbers: INEP - National Institute of Educational Studies and Researches.

INEP released their most recent results.

Case 1: SAEB (National System of Basic Education): students are submitted to tests of Math and Portuguese (reading and comprehension).
Students of the 4th Year of Elementary Level of Rio Grande do Norte ranked the worst in Brazil (Brazil has 27 States and one Federal District).
Students of the 8th Year of Elementary Level of Rio Grande do Norte ranked 22nd in Portuguese and 19th in Math.
Students of the 3rd Year of Intermediary Level ranked 23rd in Portuguese and 21st in Math.

Case 2: ENEM (National Test of Intermediary Level). Students are submitted to tests in all subjects. Some Universities may accept the results of ENEM to determine who is going to enroll.
Rio Grande do Norte dropped from 12th position in 2005 to 13th position in 2006.

SAEB is compulsory; ENEM is voluntary. In both surveys, the State of Brazil with best results was Rio Grande do Sul (in the southern extreme of Brazil).

Update: To check the results of ENEM for all schools in Brazil, click here, then click on "Faça sua Consulta", then select "Rio Grande do Norte" or other UF, then the city (TODAS means ALL).
The schools in Natal with the best performances were: Centro de Educação Integrada, (final grade 63.66); Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica, (63.39); Salesiano São José, (60.44); Colégio Marista de Natal, (59.58); Colégio Nossa Senhora das Neves, (58.54); Escola Doméstica de Natal, (59.11).

The average result for the city of Natal was 41.902; for the State of Rio Grande do Norte, 39.855; and for Brazil, 42.558.


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